27 Mar

“Do you want to know how to make money from an app idea? Keep reading further to know about brilliant app monetization techniques.”

Businesses with an aim to expand and strengthen their foundation have always followed the best of the trends. That is the reason why mobile app development is becoming such a mega-hit among the different industries. It is hard to neglect the epic fame that app technology has received. It has basically transformed the normal way of functioning for each and every day to day processes.

Let us know about the features that have changed the app technology into such a viral sensation all over the world. 

Why Are Mobile Apps Such A Big Hit?




Highly functional


Trending tech

Larger reach

Unmatchable speed

More user base

Provides enhanced revenue funnel

Easy to develop and maintain

All the above-mentioned qualities are the reasons pushes it to its massive popularity. If you are looking forward to investing in the project then you should get started with the idea, without wasting a single more minute. Since its the right time to do so, get started with the process of developing a flawless application.

Why Monetization Is Important?  


You can achieve maximum progress after combining the mobile app development and with a good monetization strategy. For a process, there is nothing better than witnessing a better revenue funnel. But to witness that there are a few things that you must know.

If you have a great business idea for an app but continuing its development with a feeble monetization strategy, then chances are that it might fail. It is nothing less than a disaster. A poor monetization strategy can result in reduced to zero business profits. And there is no use of a process that is unable to generate revenue!

Take A Look At The App Monetization Strategies!

Let us concentrate on the major ingredients that can boost the revenue funnel of an application;

1. Implementing Effective Profitable Techniques

For all the on-demand apps generating revenue is important. It makes it important for the team to focus on multiple ways to make more money, and shoot up the revenue graph. Let us take a look at some different ways to do so;


The complete process of finding well-paid advertisements is a piece of cake. A simple piece of the newspaper contains several advertisements, but as far as apps are concerned, the entire process has a drastic difference. It is a must for everyone in the industry to know the changed advertisement format. It is must that your app makes the most out of the ads or unnoticeable ads to gain the right attention of the targetted audience.  

Promoting Paid Subscriptions

The most common app monetization technique is having paid subscriptions. But there is a trick to implement it. A lot of users would not want to pay extra bucks for a special subscription, it is necessary to find a solution. Therefore, having two different versions for the paid and unpaid application could yield better results. In the paid version, one can add all the desired special functions that the users want.

Organizing Events/ Campaigns

Once the app starts getting a positive response from the user base, organizing proper events can be a great option. Events can be about anything like spreading a message of equality, raising social awareness, or debate on any current issue.         

2. Necessary Basic Features An App Must Have

Take a look at the below-mentioned features of an on-demand app.


An app needs to have a basic feature for the users to register. It can be done through the phone number, e-mail id or any other social media channel. With this users can log-in through social media channels. 

Push Notification

This feature is both for marketing and for sending out updates to the users. Push notification can work wonders in fetching the attention of a larger user base and attracting bigger traffic. For audience retention, one can use the feature of push notification for updating new offers, discounts or any latest news about the sales. It all depends on the type of app. 

Creating a Profile

Once the customers have registered on the app, they need to develop a personal profile. It is a must that they fill each and every necessary detail of their profiles. One can collect the data filled by the users and make the most of it for targeted advertising. But that is not all, an app can be optimized as per the user needs, with the help of the stored data.

These are a few techniques that one can use, to make money of an app idea. If you want to know more about the process of app development the reach out to the expert team of Techugo, leading app development company and enhance your understanding. But until then, stay hooked to this space. 

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